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Chausie cats

A Chausie is a rare cat breed and even in America its breeders can be counted on one hand because only the professionals can be trusted to provide cat lovers with an authentic Chausie cat. The reason is that cross-breeding of this cat is permitted only between ordinary domestic shorthair and Abyssinian cats, which the professional breeders can verify with certain documentation.

Chausie cat breeding

The breeding program of Chausie cats was launched overseas in the late 60′s of the last century. Prior to this time, the Chausie cats lived quietly in Egypt and did not cause any interest among local residents. After finding out the combination of wild and domestic elements in their nature, Europeans took the cats to America and soon the Jungle Cat ancestor was identified. The cat developed from the wild ancestors has a toned and muscular body, strong legs and exceeds twice the length of normal cats.

Breeding Chausie cats is a very time-consuming process. Even though the individuals are born as desirable and normal kittens, not all males have the ability to reproduce, which puts the Chausie on the list of rare cat breeds.

Chausie cats characteristics

Nature has favoured the Chausie cat with a desired savage-looking shape. In addition, the coat is thick and dense and special attention should be paid to the  color: the cat has a black and silver ticked tabby. The head is of a rather small size, has angular cheekbones and a strong chin. The torso is strong, without noticeable curves and the ears, located at the top of the head, are sometimes tufted.

The main feature of the Chausie cat is the first impression that this pet creates: a graceful body, predatory look, and its good nature. It enjoys rubbing to the legs of the owner and quietly purring – this leaves no one indifferent. The Chausie is amazingly sociable as it surrounds everyone with affection and attention.

Wild habits are inescapable though: the cat is happy to deal with obstacles on its way and its favorite places in a room can be cabinets and shelves reaching the ceiling. The cat should feel at ease and it is recommended to take it for a walk since active life is a necessary element of this animal.

Breeders also advice the owners to pay attention to the digestion of the cat since it is prone to overeating. Cereals, which are found in most of the industrial cat food, have a particularly negative impact on their digestion.

Owners should really take care of this cat while it’s not that difficult to comb and massage their fur with a special brush at least once a week.

Videos and pictures of Chausie cat

How Chausie cats look like? Here are some pictures for all cat lovers.


Pictures from here, here and here

Nice video clips about this cat breed Youtube

And photo collection in video format:

Do you have Chausie cat at home? Share your pictures, useful tips, information about breed or prices below in comments!

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