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Do cats like eating mice?

Cat and mouse

We all believe that cats eat mice and they like it. But is it true? Cats are naturally predators and they hunt for the small animals in the nature, which keeps them alive. However, do they like eating them? Interesting fact to know about cats – the reason for the lack of mice flavored cat food is the tests results, which showed, that cats did not like the taste of mice!

Can they be friends? Usually cats hunting instincts and habits depend on the individual cat. Pet-cats usually are fed regularly and they do not eat mice. On the other hand, some cats still naturally love playing with them: catching mouse, playing “Tom& Jerry” in the real life, sometimes hurting it (poor mouse). And some cats like to make friends with mice. Especially, if it has grown up with a  mouse or rat together, or if it had a chance to play happily with one in childhood. There are plenty of funny cat and mouse pictures making friends on our website – the best visual proof of it.

What you have to know if your cat has eaten a mouse? Cats are able to eat mouse without leaving anything.  However, mouse can infect your cat with tapeworms, so you should take some action and have your cat wormed.  There are many different worming products available on the market, which can be obtained from supermarkets and pet shops as well as veterinary surgeries. Consult with your veterinary surgeon before deciding which one to use and how often. If your cat lives a real outdoor life and you do not know if it eats mice and how many of them it has already eaten, you should get it wormed regularly.

What cats like to eat? See it in the other story here.

LOLcat author: Catriot

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